Hey! I was wondering if you might be able to help me out regarding gifsicle. I'm pretty sure I remember reading that you use it to make your gifs? I'm having a problem with the speed of my gifsicle gifs. They're always hella slow. I'm saving out of Processing using saveFrame and not adding any delay in gifsicle. Have you encountered this or maybe could lend some advice on how you make your gifs? Thanks!

Gifsicle has a lot of options, there’s a lot to explore.  In this case, to control speed, you can use the ‘delay’ option.  I usually use a delay=5.  Here’s what it usually looks like for me on my prompt.   

gifsicle —delay=5 —loop -O3 —careful —colors 64 -i image-*.gif   > anim2114c.gif